Brandon Halvorsen at the Holly Shorts Film Festival. Koreatown Ghost Story.
Koreatown Ghost Story.jpg
Marble Surface
Brandon co-starred in a multi-award winning horror short film 
koreatown ghost story 
produced by and starring margaret cho, as well as lyrica okano, Which has now been picked up by paramount to be turned into a feature-length.
directed by teddy tenenbaum and minsun park.
Image by Rachel Kelli
Brandon is currently
in production, playing a lead in a short film titled:

Where no one lives
Marble Surface
Brandon is proudly represented by avalon artists group
BOTH Commercially and theatrically
in la & nyc
Image by Rachel Kelli
The summer of 2020
Brandon Was to play
PAUL in A CHORUS LINE, the Bellboy in TITANIC, as well as perform in Anything Goes and Footloose!
However, due to the
Covid-19 pandemic,
the nlb 2020 season
has been canceled.